Multiple plex servers on same computer

. In order to consolidate my stuff, I decided to build a Plex server. Launch Plex web app: On the same computer you installed the server, you will  Feb 26, 2019 Raspberry Pi and Plex: how to turn a single-board computer into a media server. You could put a mouse and keyboard and monitor in multiple locations and have a (thin client pc) run them all off the same computer by having them RDP into a server running virtual machines. These cookies are plex-sync 10. it has to transcode this data for their devices and a dual core may struggle with Plex Kodi Integration Using PlexKodiConnect. . I had the same problem with one server not showing and found that there was a typo in the mask. Have two separate media servers one separate networks bridged through a Cisco VPN router. My aim to virtualize the 5 systems was to make a big super computer AND to avoid wasting of resources because those 5 desktops are rarely used to their full capacity. any IP on your local network). You only need one computer running Plex Media Server. No wonder it is considered one of the best media servers for Linux. This way is better than using the Put. Jan 11, 2019 I tested Plex on multiple devices, including several Windows 10 On the other hand, Kodi doesn't require the same server setup step as Plex does. 1. In reality, both Take your SD card out of your computer and put it into the Pi. This add-on has been developed by Croneter and is based on the Emby add-on for Kodi and uses the same method of integration to combine Plex and Kodi After reinstalling Windows 10 Pro, the Plex Media Server application, moving over the Plex data, and reconnecting the external drives containing my media files, my new Plex server was up and running. I missed to describe my aim. This version contains the following fixes in addition to the changes in You’ve got all that media – photos, videos, recorded TV, music and more – scattered across your network, and now there’s a load of online media to tap into as well. Since then, my computer has had 10 instances of unexpected shutdowns called Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) all while streaming media through the Roku Plex app. There are two different apps you need if you want to use Plex:. plexignore file and if you use Plex DVR the . On one end, there’s the media server software for desktop computers, which serves up your videos, music, and photos to other devices on your local network One way to compensate for double NAT is to set up separate port forwarding rules on each device so that incoming traffic is shepherded through both layers of NAT. Problems installing and running Plex Media Server - button "Open PLEX" greyed out that Plex is looking for the server on my computer instead of on the Route/ Hard In the event you have multiple sites running on a server where multiple sites are SSL enabled, it is good to have a separate IP for each site. 4602 Premium Crack With Key FREE. How to stream Plex to all your devices. On July 2, 2015, Plex revealed the machine hosting its blog and forums had  Feb 3, 2017 Wouldn't it be great if all of that media could live in one place and be able to be easily accessed by your other computers and smart devices? Synology, QNAP, and Western Digital all sell NAS units that store multiple hard drives. And once you’ve gone through the One such player is the Plex mobile app (available for Android and iOS), which can be used to play media from your Plex Media Server on your mobile device (but this feature is not free), or to cast to a Chromecast device (feature which is free) and control the playback. Set the secure connections drop down to Required. Then on your router Most computer networks support one or more servers that handle specialized tasks. The above scenario is perfect and complete if you are only using a single Plex server. io tech support and this is what I was told. That shot my plan out the window. If your using Plex it depends. Whether you have a Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku Streaming Media Player, Android Device, or a computer with Windows or Linux, there is a Plex Media Server build for your environment. If you have multiple Network Interface Cards select which one you want to use with Plex Plex. Is anyone else running Plex on multiple Roku devices and able to  Feb 19, 2018 You've hopped on the Plex bandwagon - now get your server set up Plex Media Server setup, but the steps are virtually the same across other platforms. I would like to be able to see and manage both servers from either computer. Plex’s Media Server software lets you set up a TV tuner for live channels. Choose your server’s name, add your media folders to the Plex library, and tweak your Basically I have a bunch of AVI's and such sitting around. Plex Media Server is one of the most famous home media sharing/managing solutions which helps you connect your Plex clients with all of your local and online media. Like any server program (like WordPress), Plex Media Server only works if its server is running. Jul 2, 2019 Plex Media Server is free software that lets you stream your digital media stored on one computer with any other computer or compatible mobile device. Whatever parental control settings you use will apply to all libraries on the computer. tv. Adding channels to your Plex server. If your Plex server is on a secure VPN, you can follow our guide to allow streaming through it. You have your Plex Media Server installed on a computer where you While the Fire TV is my choice of streaming device, it isn't the only one available for use. Install Plex Media Server on your PC. Plex Kodi Integration Using PlexKodiConnect. Once you've downloaded the installer, run it and let it install itself onto your PC. Once installed   Feb 14, 2013 We decided on Plex Media Server due to the broad range of XBMC eventually grew to support multiple platforms. Plex client: This is installed on the playing device. which is not taxing at all on the server, but if your streaming remotely like I stream to my phone, my fiance's computer, and my parents home a lot. grab file will create phantom shows in your Emby TV Series. Build 1: Building on a budget. There’s the content type, device and operating system compatibility, client options, and media source. I use my kids’ computer for media storage. But had problems with multiple views on same items. Windows to Windows). 5. 10. In the past I've used an svideo/5mm [computer side] to RCA [TV side] wire that basically makes the TV act as a monitor and uses the TV as Plex Media Server 1. Most computer networks support one or more servers that handle specialized tasks. im looking to have 2 servers running of the same machine, but i dont know how to and google wasnt any help. Add a rule I asked the same question to Put. (like one episode get 50 views from 1 real view) I run Plex and Emby on the same machine without issue but if you use Theme Videos Plugin in Emby you end up with a bunch of movies call Thumbnails in Plex that have to be filtered out by a custom . Without further ado, Let’s take a look at how to setup Plex Media Server and access it from any device: Setting Up Plex Media Server On I'm doing some testing with PLEX currently. io Plex plugin because Plex remembers where you last played the file: Mount a put. Oct 7, 2014 You can use Plex's web app bundled with the Plex Media Server installed on high-quality trailers and extras, and support for multiple users. Servers assigned with the rule will be automatically configured according to the rule settings. Although your Plex Media Server can perform the transcoding process automatically for you, however, as the transcoding process is very CPU extensive, what's more, the converted media will occupy a lot of disk storage of your computer, if your computer CPU is not fast enough or there is't much space on your computer, it would be much idea for Here is a point that you should keep in mind so that Plex Media Server works well and can play media files stably to multiple devices. Tasks: 197 total, 2 running, 195 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie. The main thing you have to do is to install Plex Media Server on your device. If I understand what I've read here if I want to start more than one PLEX server running I'll have to either run them all in jails using packages or one using the plugin and any subsequent in a jail with packages? Also it should not be a problem having multiple instances accessing the same storage? Step 2: Installing the Plex Media Server. To have different Restrictions settings, you'll need to use multiple user accounts on the computer. For this article, we’ll refer to the old and new Plex Media Servers as the “Source” and “Destination” installations. Plex supports a wide array of platforms, both for the server and the player. UPnP also takes care of file sharing, so you do not need to do anything extra even if your files are added The "Rule" screen allows administrators to set rules to efficiently manage multiple servers using the same configuration. It won’t necessarily be possible in all instances. For example, Windows computer is turned on and Plex Media Server must run (check the Plex icon on the notification Plex Media Server is a great way to stream content to multiple different devices in your home. Now, we don’t expect anyone to use this in a house. EDIT: I was able to do what I wanted. I tried installing in via ssh with QBPM command, same result. from your computer to the How To Build A Budget Plex Server. In addition rutorrent is now telling me the disk is full despite having 2 TB available. Plex Overview Jim from Tekrevue stops by to discuss the building and configuration of the ultimate Plex Media Server! If you’re a fan of digital video and music, you’ve likely heard the name How to Sync Content from Your Plex Media Server (Premium Only) To sync content from your Plex Media Server, you can approach things one of two ways. Get started with Plex. it would pick up both plex servers and they could access all the "adult" content and for obvious reasons I don't want that. The platforms on which some Plex apps run don’t allow us to actively scan the network to try and find available Plex Media Servers. The concept of creating or configuring multiple IP addresses on a single network interface is called IP aliasing. All of them have the same aim, which is to lock up intellectual property to keep people streaming. This add-on has been developed by Croneter and is based on the Emby add-on for Kodi and uses the same method of integration to combine Plex and Kodi It is therefore advisable to check the additional features in advance (often available as optional add-ons) that can be used as a respectable alternative to Plex. I run Plex and Emby on the same machine without issue but if you use Theme Videos Plugin in Emby you end up with a bunch of movies call Thumbnails in Plex that have to be filtered out by a custom . It is running on a Raspberry Pi 3, which while effective, it is not excellent. The PlexKodiConnect add-on provides full integration of Plex into Kodi by modifying the native Kodi database to include pointers to you Plex server(s). Dec 29, 2016 We concluded that one of the major disadvantages of Plex was that it a preferable option for those who access multiple Plex servers some of  Aug 1, 2016 Now I installed plex, everything seems ok, but when I launch it and log in to my plex your tunnel is now connected to your server from your local computer. PLEX media server runs easily on most versions of Linux. Plex Media Server: This is the engine behind everything. Considering their differences, you may choose multiple media server software installs. You can run multiple servers using the same I have an iMac and a MBP that I want to run as separate Plex servers under the same account. Plex also provides a host of media-related options for your library as well  Aug 24, 2017 I have a port forwarding rule set for my computer running the server and Plex Same, does anyone at Norton have any ideas for why this is happening? . First you must download Plex Media Server, so head to the Plex website and download Plex Media Server to your computer. can set up and maintain multiple servers under the same account. Nothing lives in one central location. Among others, the PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox apps are Best Specs for a Plex server (with heavy transcoding) just as my life gets busier and busier building and maintaining computer hardware falls further off the list of things I want to spend my UPnP sharing between two Kodi devices is the easiest way to share a library. How To Build A Budget Plex Server. How can i select the server in the plex media player without logging out of one account then into the other account? Currently, different usernames and passwords. Plex supports multiple servers per account, and each server  You could have 2 distinct Plex servers (one in the cloud and one . Plex Media Server – a charge card application is allowing you to make your PC news host definitely. These instructions are designed for moving between two systems running the same operating system (e. I can turn off the Plex server, and the movie will continue to play undisturbed, but naturally I can’t get back to the main movies index if the PLEX is turned off. the NAS is running SONARR that gets the latest episode, then both computers run sonar to look at the nas to pick up the episode the NAS just downloaded. Plex lets users stack multiple tuners together into one central DVR server. Plex Server Settings How to Use Plex on PC or Mac. It served no real purpose other than to use in parades and shows, but it was really cool. Network connections via SAMBA and PLEX media server for multi media files. You can set up multiple configuration parameters in one rule and apply the rule to selected servers. This add-on has been developed by Croneter and is based on the Emby add-on for Kodi and uses the same method of integration to combine Plex and Kodi Plex has everything that takes to stream your PC contents over any screen size or Operating system, everything on a few taps/clicks. If you have multiple Network Interface Cards select which one you want to use with Plex The Nas server in my case is a computer running Centos 7 OS (Linux -- approx. For example, if you have a copy of House Party 2: The Pajama Jam,  Oct 18, 2018 When using Plex, you are dealing with two different applications. also have multiple Plex servers identified by different names on the same  Oct 25, 2018 Fortunately, Plex media server has been designed to solve this very Server”) and share all of them with any other device on the same network. g. It's a lot! Plex, a company that sells media server software, has found itself in the strange position of being the answer to that problem. If you want to enjoy a film while a roommate or a family Plex Media Server 1. Plex Central Firewall and NAT Policy configuration for hosting multiple Plex servers under the same WAN IP. Setting up Plex is quite easy, as once you open it, you're taken step by step through the process. but it would always stream from the computer with the server running on it,  Jan 3, 2014 We have two Plex Media Servers running on our network, one mapped to port 32400 and one to 32401. It allows you to store all your movies on a central server and watch them anywhere you want. I have Plex on Here's How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection for Multiple Computers on a Network Easily in Windows. Build a Plex Server. Same AFAIK with dedicated NAS boxes too using QNAP or whatever the standard OS is. You can still follow along if you are installing it on a headless Linux machine. But because this one will be doing multiple functions apart from just your typical “Plex Server” I opted to go with 16GB of RAM instead. If you have more streaming subscriptions than you can count and need to access them all at once, Plex Media Server is your new best friend. You can install and configure the Plex Media Server on your NAS. I’m using mostly Kodi and Plex, and on my HTPC I’ve got Plex Media Server running for a media server as well as Kodi for streaming via addons. My HTPC runs an I3-4340 on a Z87MoBo, 5 3TB WD Red HDDs in FlexRaid, 8GB ram, and W8. Plex Media Server 1. Remote Desktop is great for connecting to a Windows computer These steps are the same I was having a small problem with connectivity on my home network - the server just wasn't visible from devices in my WAN and LAN. However, if you are using multiple servers, the outline will still be the same but some amendments will need to be done. Each thin client would use a virtual machine to have it's own desktop but that would still require at least a thin client at each location. The Plex  Jul 25, 2017 Plex Media Server [PMS] is one of the most popular and reliable media This could be a computer on your own network, or a server hosted with ServerMania. I recently introduced the owner of the 32400 server to the trakt plugin and we've hit upon an odd bug. Strange, since Plex basically just uses ffmpeg as its transcoder Quora User, Been using and programming for computers since the  The Plex Media Server scans and organizes your media, then lets you stream it to all of your devices. This website stores cookies on your computer. It's the central, most important piece of Plex. Now it’s time to get the Plex Media Server up and running. However, on 6 June, my Roku updated to Roku 9. 2/2 https://server-domain/3 Unidirectional sync (read from one server, write to the other):. 2. 16. Over the past month my Plex server has run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any issues. Details of how to name each individual type of content can be found on the Plex website. I wanted to set up and manage a server that could stream media files to my devices, and not much beyond that idea. all attached to a NAS . Plex does not know how to transcode VIDEO_TS, and the Roku doesn’t either. the spare machine for Ubuntu, the steps are the same once you get past the Ubuntu installation portion. For the Plex Media Server, you But if you're looking to buy one, we recommend the Roku Streaming  Aug 2, 2018 This can be on your desktop PC (even the same one you'll be watching Your Plex server is connected to a home ISP connection—not a corporate You may also need to choose which user if you've set up multiple users,  Plex is a client-server media player system and software suite comprising two main These partnerships, like the one with VEVO, were costly for Plex, which led to . They call them channels, and each channel adds a new feature or stream to your Plex server. Dec 5, 2012 Connecting to a Plex Media Server on the local machine requires a Plex Media Server on the device running this app is limited (one minute  Can I run Plex and Kodi on the same machine that is also hosting my I have thousands of movies and pictures and currently using Plex t but when . The guide below walks you through the process step by step. Plex is a client-server media player system with additional features. AMD recommends that when using the Ryzen computer chip that you use either two or four sticks of RAM, not just one. If for whatever reason you want multiple Plex servers on a single network, Plex is cool with that, too. won't have all the same features and your streaming could be less secure. i have an "old" tekkit server lying around that i wish to start up again but dont wanna close my bukkit server. This will ensure than any device connecting to your Plex server does so over an encrypted connection. Click Network under Settings and click the Show Advanced button. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. The hardware is pitched as a definite. Notable features include Mobile Sync, which lets you sync media to any device running the Plex app for offline access, the ability to create multiple user accounts, and a bunch of enhancements to How to use Q’center to Centrally Manage and Monitor Multiple QNAP NAS Units? manage multiple servers using the same configuration. Sep 20, 2017 You need to make one account that will be used with your server and all You'll need to install the server on a computer connected to your media storage device. One such player is the Plex mobile app (available for Android and iOS), which can be used to play media from your Plex Media Server on your mobile device (but this feature is not free), or to cast to a Chromecast device (feature which is free) and control the playback. I recently introduced the owner of the  Jan 1, 2019 I have a number of family members that use my plex setup and share my library, unfortunately many of those users are located geographically  Mar 11, 2018 Is it possible to add support for multiple Plex media servers? . Plex. This is the software that will manage and transfer movies across your network. May 2, 2017 Plex can help you access your music, movies and photos on all of your devices, you want to use, but it's good to start with your primary computer first. It’s a clean, simple tool for bringing your different Ensure (double check) that all servers/PCs with static IP settings have the same subnet mask and default gateway as the computers are getting from DHCP and that they match what your network is supposed to be using. 3 of Plex installed and my PC has a slightly newer version, 1. Once the server is up and running, you can configure your settings as you please. Simply set up a Plex account, install the server software, and tell Plex where your media is Solution 7: Manually Port Forwarding Multiple Servers. tv you’ll be directed to a different IP address. Setting up the Plex Media Server is easy. As a rule, the larger the network in terms of clients that connect to it or the amount of data that it moves, the more likely it is that several servers play a role, each dedicated to a specific purpose. i have multiple plex servers on my local network. Plex Central Server: Stores and maintain your Plex account. This is because SSL certificates are exchanged before the HTTP headers are sent. RELATED: How to Regain Access to Your Plex Server When You’re Locked Out While the basic information we need to remove (to trigger the reset) is exactly the same on every operating system, that information is located in a different place depending on your system. The same movie that plays on my HTPC will not play on the Roku. You can use the same web-based interface we used in the previous section, but you can also use the interface in mobile apps like Plex for iOS to sync, too. Support for Multiple Plex Servers / Instances #12. 0. You need to only Set up Plex Media Server on Windows 10 and broadcast everything on your tablets, PCs, consoles, Macs with zero hassle involved. What client will you be using? What material will you be streaming? I have multiple Plex servers - 2 NAS, one on a an iMac Pro. Nov 2, 2017 Plex software and a dedicated PC are all you need to tame your movie and music collection. Ensure (double check) that all servers/PCs with static IP settings have the same subnet mask and default gateway as the computers are getting from DHCP and that they match what your network is supposed to be using. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. It is also important that the selected media management option allows multiple devices to access the library at the same time. Note: I encountered this problem (and fixed it) using Plex Media Server both on my Synology DS214se NAS and on a computer running Windows 7. Plex is a media center software solution that mainly consists of two pieces: an open-source front end, called Plex Media Center, and a closed-source server portion, called Plex Media Server. VPN on the Plex Media Server Computer. This wikiHow teaches you how to set up your personal Plex media server on your computer, add media libraries to your server, and browse channels to stream online content. Learn how to use the Xbox as a Plex client. Manual Port Forwards for Multiple Servers. When I transfer files from my computer to the Pi Plex server, it may get 3mbps, but usually less. They use it mostly for word processing, so the machine’s Most computer networks support one or more servers that handle specialized tasks. Since your account will have multiple libraries in it, think of it as a master  Jun 1, 2018 You have two obvious choices, Plex and Kodi. My steps work the same for both versions/platforms. IP aliasing is very useful for setting up multiple virtual sites on Apache using one single network interface with different IP addresses on a single subnet network. When I was looking at setting up my Plex Media Server, the one thing that I really wanted to make sure was that I kept the entire setup simple. In fact, only using one server is not prudent. 1 on a Samsung 840 Pro. To answer my own question, Plex HT and Plex Roku will easily look at multiple servers, but not all at once. To get started with Plex, you need a PC to use as a media server. When I was growing up, the father of one of my friends built a working miniature Kenworth semi-truck. Setup Two Seperate Plex Servers on Same Network. 5. I typically use Plex to stream movies directly to my TV via the Plex app for the Roku which has proven to be an easy and reliable method of streaming content. Some people have tried things like two NVidia cards in SLI, but then found Plex crashing. 1297 Crack is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel. 0 Build 4111-04. You have to perform the following steps: It’s been about 8 years since Plex Media Server was originally introduced and it has evolved a lot over the years. If you want to run the media center on any computer other than the server, then we have to do a little configuration. are you streaming remotely or locally? usually locally the device actually just sends the file to the player and it is basically DLNA. Despite having multiple iTunes libraries on one computer, you can't have different parental control settings for each library. If you have a NAS, you’ll need to download Plex for that device, not your computer operating system. they both index the nas, but also has the "latest season" of tv shows on them. So, are you interested in setting up your own Plex server? Well, we can help you with that. Problems installing and running Plex Media Server - button "Open PLEX" greyed out that Plex is looking for the server on my computer instead of on the Route/ Hard Have you ever wanted to create a file server to link multiple TVs and to store all photos, movies, and videos into a centralized file server? In this updated guide, I will cover the steps needed to setup your own Network Attached Storage (NAS server) to store all your media files in a home cloud. I asked the same question to Put. Plex is the most full-featured and user-friendly of all streaming media servers. It worked for awhile, but it has trouble with some larger files and the USB on it is still USB 2. Even the weakest NAS server I have will stream 4K material to clients that support direct play. It has two components: the piece of software that organizes media on your computer's hard drive and the I have a Roku 3 and have been using it with the Plex app and Plex Media Server for quite a few years without issues. In practice that means every time you go to plex. The installation part is the same as the above. 4602 Crack is the Media Server, makes it possible for to broadcast multimedia files from your computer that is individual to products. But I don't understand if virtualizing 5 system into one big system is possible, why can't that one big super computer be really powerful? It’s been about 8 years since Plex Media Server was originally introduced and it has evolved a lot over the years. Install and Configure Plex Media Server. That same computer can also run Plex Media Player, as can any other devices you connect to your server. The icon is nestled in the Windows System Tray on a PC or in the top Menu Bar on Macs. i want one thats my bukkit server with multiple worlds (already up and running) and one thats running tekkit. Is this possible? Thanks. For our purposes that’s no good, since we need to know exactly which IP address is allowed to bypass the VPN. enterprise-level machine that’s designed to push professional results out, but Plex servers are designed for entertainment and therefore aren’t taken as seriously as the servers that are usually kept buried in server rooms. On the new server, I have one 2TB drive with just movies. So for example, on the first NAT device (the one closest to your Internet connection) forward the port(s) you need to the IP address of your router's WAN port. It’s a common misconception that you can only have one server per household setup – you can actually have as many as you want. If you have multiple vhosts on one IP, then Apache will not know which site you are trying to reach without the host header. io folder on your computer via WebDAV and show Pl Plex storage: Western Digital Duo 8TB; For an almost 6-year-old machine, it ran Plex without any issues, but as I stated earlier, just consumes a lot of power. io folder on your computer via WebDAV and show Pl Plex is actually two programs in one. First of all, you must install the Plex Media Server in a central location (a Windows PC for Plex Media Server and smooth media streaming to multiple devices. Plex wasn't seeing both servers at the same time. Connect the Pi Before you can use your server, you're going to need to set up one thing. It connects to the server to see what media files are available, displays a menu, and plays them. Instead, my files are spread out across multiple computers, optical media, and external hard drives. tv uses a thing called round robin DNS in order to split the load across multiple servers. 6. Other platforms don’t allow direct communication to any private IP (e. Note: Plex is not a completely open source media player. When your files are ready, head to the Plex web app on the same computer where you have installed the server. equiv to Red Hat Enterprise). Reboots and refreshes got it all seeing each other. Download the Plex Media Server here. Simply follow these steps, and you will have it set up in less than an hour. How to Reset Your Plex Login Token. The freemium software Plex offers one of the best solutions for success is based on two main components: the Plex Media Server application,  Mar 28, 2019 No wonder it is considered one of the best media servers for Linux. Plex is a  May 21, 2019 Plex is actually two things: It's media server software that you run on a how to use plex computer requirements Plex. We have two Plex Media Servers running on our network, one mapped to port 32400 and one to 32401. Use Multiple Servers. You just have to add the plex media server’s IP address in the client. Unfortunately, the Plex Browser client is a new feature; and if you want to use it on any computer other than the one where your Plex Media Server is installed, you’ll have to sign up for the $4 Plex ticks all of those boxes and more. You can also share multiple libraries, one from each Kodi device, to all the other devices on the same network. I usually have around 8GB of RAM for my computers. Like a lot of streaming media servers, your Plex server has support for plug-ins. My NAS has version 1. Also, the computer is rather load when it is running, so not only did I want a machine that used less power, but I also wanted a more quiet machine. You can even set up multiple users within the house, so that you can keep track of what episode you're due to watch next, or restrict the content that If you just want to experiment, feel free to download Plex and run it on the computer you already own. not running two separate DB and eating up large swaths of storage space  Jan 22, 2017 Sync watched status between Plex servers. If 4K transcoding is required (such as to an iPod or iPhone) then it becomes more complicated. Currently running two instances of PlexPy, but ditching one of them would be  May 22, 2019 Alternatively, on the computer running the server, you can choose to manually assign your This is not the same thing as enabling remote management of your router itself. Once the Plex Media Server has finished downloading, open the file to start setting it up. To know whats your server’s IP is, use ipconfig in the Command prompt on the server computer. It can track, organize and give access to your media files. Configure server settings. These instructions are for Windows, but you can also find instructions to set up Plex Media Server on unRAID Linux OS. multiple plex servers on same computer

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