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Keep in mind that posts containing multiple videos may take longer to upload. But you can delete it and rewrite/repost the comment. Schedule your posts and get a reminder to post on your phone. Hi Zeus, You will need to create a new folder inside of “My Pictures” on your desktop computer where you want to keep your photos that you want to upload to Instagram. If you're already logged into Instagram, doing so There’s a TechJunkie post on how to “save” an Instagram photo as well as one on how to download multiple photos at once if you have a large group of pictures you want to archive. Discuss: How to share multiple photos in one Instagram post Sign in to comment. This will bring up photos in your feed. If you want to #regram a picture that a friend has just posted, under no circumstances is it acceptable to #regram at Instagram has allowed users to share multiple photos in a single post since February, but those photos have been limited to the traditional square aspect ratio, preventing users from sharing Cool way to make a slideshow of Up to 10 photos and videos in one post. You can interact with people who comment on your photos by responding to their comments. Instagram released its Archive feature in June, but you might not know what it's for or how to use it. Learning how to tag someone on Instagram is as simple as uploading a picture and a few clicks of the button. Therefore, you can only delete 30 photos in an hour. Swipe left on the post above to see 3 more pics Yippee! you can now share up to 10 photos + videos in one post on Instagram. Hiding a post that you've shared from your Page will remove it from your Page, but not from your Page's activity log (which only you and other managers of your Page can see). If you are an Instagram fan then you must have noticed that Instagram does not let you delete multiple photos at once. Here we will guide how you can delete the Instagram account from iPhone or PC. Fortunately, Facebook eventually changed its photo uploader to allow you to click and upload multiple photos in the same status update without creating an album. Phew. You can delete any photo right from within the Instagram iPhone or Android app. While you can always delete a post but what if you want to delete Facebook posts in bulk. Most of the time, you will be using the Instagram app on your mobile device. If you have many images to post, it's still a good idea to create an album. Despite the interface being almost identical to Instagram on mobile, it is missing all its editing tools and the ability to post multiple photos and videos. Archive lets you hide photos and videos from your profile without completely deleting them Tap on the three dots at the bottom right of the photo or video you'd like to delete, You can see Stories on Instagram. All you can do from a computer is view pictures, like and comment, and  Apr 7, 2015 You can't really select and delete multiple photos at once. Tagging Someone in an Instagram Caption Instagram users who might want to do more than "like" a photo will now be able to save those posts for later. Sometimes it is necessary to delete images from your IG account. Open the Instagram application on your mobile device and log in. It's one of the possible reasons why you're unable to swipe on multiple posts. inactive followers, mass delete posts and unlike previously liked photos or videos . Doing this will download the profile picture in the gallery inside its own album. The same You can only upload and delete photos from the official Instagram app. How To Delete A Post On Instagram. This app also shows you your search history which you can delete if you wish. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Tap Delete again to confirm. When managing multiple accounts, we can get moving fast. But i only found apps that doesn't look very trustful. Well, Facebook for Android includes an option to delete multiple posts simultaneously from your timeline. 2. there are multiple ways you can still use Instagram on your Note: You can only delete photos that you've uploaded. Multiple-picture posts look just like regular ones in the Instagram Login to your social media account where the instagram post was shared and tap the delete button for the post that includes the instagram photo. Feb 22, 2017 Another exciting Instagram update with the ability to add multiple images on one how do I post on Instagram , How many photos can I post on ( I had to delete my app and upload again to get this update to work) → You can  We show you how to delete a photo from Instagram for iOS and Android. How to post MULTIPLE photos on Instagram NEW UPDATE michael tobin. Once you have the latest version use the following steps to edit multiple photos on Instagram after posting. After the person you’ve sent the image or clip to opens and views it, it will disappear Biz & IT — Instagram senders can delete their messages from recipients’ phones The new messaging feature may be more Snapchat-competitive than it first seemed. . To confirm, look at your own profile page (tap on the little person silhouette on the lower right) and confirm it’s not there, as you can see my UP24 post isn’t on my Instagram page Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social media platform, users daily upload 100’s of photos to share it with your friends and families. Download Cleaner for IG and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete multiple pictures from your Instagram profile at once, using an iPhone or Android. If it is, that means that choosing a Publisher for your Instagram post is optional and the image can be published directly to your profile. If you are using instagram on PC You can delete any photo right from within the Instagram iPhone or Android app. Tagging is a surprisingly effective way to promote your Instagram. By Brandy to your post. In its current form, Instagram isn’t ideal for uploading GIFs directly to your feed, and you can’t create your own GIFs from the Instagram app. How to Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram from a Computer. Simply install the plugin, add new service in Lightroom Publishing Manager and authenticate with your Instagram account. Oct 24, 2018 Here are 12 ways to Growth Hack Instagram Stories like an expert. Launch Instagram and navigate to the desired gallery post on your profile. What if you only want to delete one photo from a multi-photo post ? Jan 17, 2019 This wikiHow teaches you how to delete photos from your Instagram account using a You cannot delete multiple photos at once in any version of . How to rearrange the order of multi photo post after posting. with the addition of the multiple-image post, otherwise known as the Instagram carousel. If you have already uploaded the series / multiple photos, there is no option to delete one single photo of it, unfortunately :-/ The only option is to delete the entire “carousel post”, unfortunately this is one of those Instagram’s limit that ho How to Use Instagram Multiple Image Posts by Ana Gotter on Social Media Examiner. Go to Instagram on your smartphone. Add and manage multiple accounts from the same device. Let’s look at how. And click "Convert". By You couldn't add, remove or edit the tags after posting. Feb 23, 2018 How to Schedule Multiple Photos in One Instagram Post (using Preview app) If you're new to Preview, it's an app to plan your Instagram feed. This tool won’t allow you to delete more than 30 photos because of Instagram’s API limits. In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how it’s done. When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. Instagram has released a new update for its Windows 10 app. Here’s how. It is similar to What you are going to post can be seen by your followers. of looking at multiple news sources, which, in the age of Trump and Brexit, felt But then I'll be out and want to post a picture on Instagram, or check if  Mar 20, 2018 Actually, sometimes you may archive an Instagram photo or video and out that Instagram might have deleted one of your precious pictures or  Additionally if you are using software that posts images for you (not to be confused Lastly, if you have multiple accounts and you're using automation on one of them, When this happens and Instagram takes notice, they either remove the  Dec 30, 2017 Instagram limits can be an opportunity to optimize and maximize the Gone are the days of posting a photo and adding a filter. com, too the photo or video and tap Share as Post. Got multiple Instagram accounts? Now you can easily switch between them! Learn how to link an existing account, how to create a new account to link, how to unlink an account, and how to delete an Instagram account permanently. They change the color and view of your picture. You can post multiple images at once. And before you go saying, "I COULD DO THAT ALREADY WITH A COLLAGE", keep in mind that a) THIS IS DIFFERENT, and b) it's kind of a big deal. The new feature is called Galleries. But, you can’t delete comments left by other users for a photo that isn’t yours. The idea is that when you have multiple images from one event and can't decide which one to Want Instagram for Mac? Here's how to upload photos and videos to Instagram on your Mac. Instagram is the most popular online photo sharing platform on which you can upload and instantly share the pictures taken by from your Smartphone or digital camera. Wow! Instagram didn’t give these new posts a name in the Instagram update – they are like carousel posts or slide shows. and each time you open the app and browse around at pictures, caches of those app cache be over 1GB on multiple occasions, but by deleting and reinstalling the By deleting the app ( and dumping cache) will i lose all photos/videos posted on Instagram? Mar 12, 2019 Never want to miss an Instagram post from your favorite influencers again? You can already add emojis to the bio beneath your profile photo, but your keyboard . Open the Instagram, then tap the profile icon that looks like a person at the bottom-right part of the screen. To view the profile picture in full-size, tap on the profile picture thumbnail. Did you know that you can edit comments on Instagram? It’s not a commonly known fact. Steps on how to add or upload a picture to instagram from iPhone app. Limitations. Jul 23, 2019 Instagram, the wildly popular image sharing social media app, greatly pleased its users back in 2017 when it rolled out a new feature enabling  If you have already uploaded the series / multiple photos, there is no option to delete How to Delete Multiple Photos/Posts from Instagram. Sometimes we need to delete multiple photos, but as you know that we can only delete single photo at a time means you have to delete photos one by one, but what if you can delete multiple photos you want to know how ? You can upload multiple photos or videos at once (each posts as a single post). Step 5. Instagram makes it fairly easy to delete that individual images or videos that you change your mind about or didn’t mean to upload. Feb 22, 2017 Instagram's new feature lets users share multiple photos and videos in a NOTE : You can now schedule multiple photo and video posts with Later! To remove a photo or video from your post, tap-and-hold and drag it to the  Or maybe you're wanting to delete a bunch of those old photos from freshman year without going through them one at The name of the app is Cleaner for Instagram by Robert Paul Neagu. If you don’t see the username, you can search for it through the Instagram search function. Starting today, Instagram users will be able to combine up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram on iPhone or iPad. Whilst this is a simple and free solution to post to Instagram from PC or Mac, there are many limitations. Thankfully, Instagram makes this easy to do. If another Instagrammer sends you an unwanted Instagram Direct post, you can delete the post from your direct feed. Get here how to Share multiple Photos and video in Instagram iPhone XS Max, XS, Xr, X,8,7,6S,6,SE, iPad, iPod. But if you want to post on Instagram from your PC or Mac, without using a mobile device, you need these instructions. This wikiHow teaches you how to simultaneously upload a series of photos to Instagram using an iPhone or iPad. You can tap on each one of them to see how it looks, but the latest trend of Instagram is Adding Hashtags when we post a photo or a video on Instagram is something that we all do on daily basis. How to Create an Instagram Multiple-Image Post To include multiple images or videos in a single Instagram post , tap the + sign to navigate to where you can add an image, just as you normally would. For example, you can title this folder “Instagram photos”. I deleted my fb about 8 months ago, instagram I dont post as much as before. If you're really desperate to delete one photo, there is one thing you can do, but it comes at a price. Instagram Direct now lets you send pictures and videos that disappear after they have been viewed once. ) If you decide after you publish something you don't like it, it's not performing or any issues – delete it or  Jul 11, 2019 Instagram deleted one of my photos of an art installation that contained . You can combine up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. You can click this multiple times to get the combination you want:. So if you didn’t know, I’m going to show you how. Tag brands, followers and locations whenever you can. On Twitter, you can retweet. Multiple photos in a single post essentially In this post, we’ll share exactly how to repost on Instagram. You can do so on both Windows and Mac computers by either using Bluestacks or opening How to Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram from a Computer. Find out how to post to Instagram from a Mac. Needless to say, if you post blurry or otherwise bad photos, don’t expect to gain much of a Instagram doesn’t allow you to delete multiple pictures at once (outside of deleting your entire account), but you can remove photos from Instagram one-by-one. Sometimes one photo just doesn't tell the whole story. It’s a good idea to clean your Facebook timeline by deleting posts that you feel aren’t necessary anymore. It is a brown camera icon. Now, Instagram has taken another big leap and has changed the entire look and feel of the app altogether by allowing users to post multiple photos per post. You can't really select and delete multiple photos at once. Next, open Instagram in Bluestacks and upload a photo to Instagram by selecting “Source: Photo Gallery”. The Instagram app on Windows 10 now lets you view multiple photos in a post, which is a feature Instagram introduced last month. Launch latest Instagram app on your iPhone. me for some of the people in my feed – that post multiple times a day. You can NOT post the same comment multiple times (including emoji. Now, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the post and select Edit. But first, I should clarify what I mean by “edit”. May 12, 2017 I want to delete some old Instagram post. We'd like to confirm if you are referring to the highlighted blue dots on this picture. Even after a photo is posted, you can edit the metadata and republish to update on the Instagram site. The article “Can You Post to Instagram from Desktop?” was originally published October 2014 and has been updated 9 times, most recently April 2019. . Multiple Images. Heads up: you can now upload photos to Instagram from a desktop browser… using a special, unofficial trick. If you can’t decide which photo to post, you can now upload more than one at a time. Gone is the simple filter app; in its place is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Each will appear as a separate post. It is. As you can see, it took me to the search bar. How to Post a GIF on Instagram. Step 2. You don’t have access to Instagram’s built-in filters. Boom! Instagram update shocker today as Instagram added the ability to add multiple images and videos into one Instagram post. This will bring up a menu. On Facebook, there’s the option to share a post. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in method for saving your edited Instagram photos without posting them first. Now you can transfer the video to your phone and post it to Instagram without problem. In order to save it, you can use the download icon at the bottom right. Instagram notifies you immediately when someone comments on one of your photos. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete photos from your Instagram account using a computer. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you …Add multiple photos and videos to one post. (the icon or picture on the far delete your Instagram If you decide you want to delete your Instagram profile, you'll probably want all of your photos in a safe place before doing so. Not sure how to do that? Follow along and we'll walk you through saving all your Instagram photos and finally, deleting 5. You may know that instagram does not allow you to delete your post on instagram from your pc, but with this very simple solution, now you can delete your post. However, with this neat trick, you can add Instagram filters to your photos and save them locally to your phone without actually having to post them. Aug 2, 2016 Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that Schedule single-image posts or set reminders to post videos and multi-image Once your story is posted you can also view some basic analytics, to  Jun 22, 2018 After posting the results I got from spending $50 on Instagram, I decided . Since Instagram With this clever tool, you can schedule your daily posts months ahead of time (on Facebook profiles, pages, groups and events, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles and pages and Pinterest boards) in just a few hours. If you don't see the option to remove an image you've Instagram is changing. No Filters. Thanks to a recent update, it’s possible to publish up to 10 How to delete photos on Instagram? On Instagram, you can delete photos and posts as you want there is no restriction of this kind of work. 3) Locate and tap on the media that contains the caption you wish you edit. You can see multiple fun videos available on Instagram from different personalities. You can’t actually edit a comment once it’s been posted. One of the best aspects of social media is being able to share something with your followers. The video will be saved on your computer. The update is a fairly minor one, and it includes one new feature. You can also tap the If you have an Instagram, we want you! Post there or post a link to a picture you have taken. Here's how it works. Done. And no, we’re not just talking about hashtags. Click your profile button at the bottom of the screen. May 23, 2017 But they can later regret this common emergent behavior which also deprives Instagram of monetizable content and your history in images that could or think their posts look boring, they sometimes impetously delete them. Categories: Social Media Tags: Gramblr, Instagram Last updated about 8 months ago // Originally published about 2 years ago But they can later regret this common emergent behavior which also deprives Instagram of monetizable content and your history in images that could keep you locked into the service. Plus: Which are the best Instagram apps for Mac. Mass unlike posts Support for multiple accounts possible to remove multiple photos at the same time on instagram? Please DO NOT post links to sites where you can buy followers or likes. Tap the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner to go to your profile If you do post three photos in one day, you cannot post a photo the next day. To save a post on Instagram you've decided you want to preserve forever (or at least for the next week), To change the filter of the photo, you can delete the picture you have posted, suppose that there is no comment and like on it. You can also unlink social media accounts from your Instagram account. There was one day that my photo got posted an hour late because of . How to delete all Instagram photos? Thir are there simples way to unpublish picture which is uploaded and showed on Instagram. First, navigate your way to the Instagram post you wish to delete. Instagram is all about the visuals. Tap the three dots , located at the upper-right corner. You can't see the save tab on other users' profiles, but you can see it on your own profile while signed in. Select the photo you wish to delete. If you’re wondering if it’s safe. Do you want to upload or share multiple photos and Videos in one post by yourself? Okay, nice. Review your photos and tap the one you want to delete. ( I had to delete my app and upload again to get this update to work) → You can tap & hold to change the order You can delete comments that you own. How to delete a photo on Instagram. Note that you must use the Instagram mobile app to block users and delete direct posts. If you have the Instagram app on your Android phone or tablet, then you already know by now that it only allows you to delete one photo at a time. How to use Gramblr to Post to Instagram from a Desktop or Laptop. People share their lives through photos every day on Instagram. Publishing Multiple Photos. How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN EVERY PICTURE | 10 NEW INSTAGRAM SECRETS! - Duration: 6:23 Sometimes you post a picture on Instagram and after several minutes (days, or even years!) you change your mind and want to delete it. To save any post you find on Instagram, look for the bookmark icon in the bottom right corner and tap it. If you want someone else's photo removed from Facebook, ask the person who posted it to take it down. Using a free tool like Later to schedule your Instagram posts in advance can help you can boost your engagement, drive traffic, and gain new followers and customers! Instagram Fails #3: Posting Low-Quality Photos. I’ve tested it on my Instagram account and I managed to remove all my photos in ONE DAY. If you need to publish multiple photos to your Instagram profile, you can use the mobile app publishing workflow. In this article, learn more than how to tag people in your Insta posts: You'll also learn how to tag people after posting, in comments, and on Instagram stories. And post a new photo with the filter you are choosing. In Addison, You can follow your favorite Places, people, Tags, and Top by searching in them. For example, you can tag other brands and accounts in hopes of a shout-out yourself. May 17, 2019 Once you launch the app, go to your profile (the icon or picture on the far After all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to document it If you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, rather than just  You can no longer afford to ignore the power of Instagram's platform. You’ll be well on your way to celebrity status if you utilize the steps outlined below on how to manage multiple Instagram accounts. And on Instagram, you can repost, which is essentially a way The Uplet app for Mac not only allows you to upload your photos to Instagram from a Mac, but you can upload multiple photos at once — without having to combine them in a collage. Mar 14, 2017 In January I deleted all the social media apps from my phone because . 1. Click "Profile" and from the drop-down list, choose the format that is best for your device. After you've shared a post with multiple photos and videos, you can edit the caption, location and accounts you've tagged in your post. Deleting all or Part of Your Story; Saving Pictures or Videos to Your If people begin to complain that your posts dominate their feeds, you know you have a problem. 2) Tap on the Profile tab at the bottom of the app. Let’s go back on main way to upload a picture to Instagram from iPhone app step by step. photo out there. If so, please be reminded that clicking on it to view the next post is not yet available when you're using a Windows 10 computer or laptop. Instagram doesn't allow deleting multiple posts in the app, but you can download and use a third-party application such as Cleaner for IG on iPhone or Cleaner for Instagram on Android. How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account from iPhone, Android, or PC If overuse of Instagram is hampering your productivity, it is a wise thing to delete your account permanently. Tap the speech bubble icon below the comment you'd like to delete, and swipe  Dec 5, 2016 It's easy to edit and upload photos to Instagram, but it can be tricky to This can be a problem if you're planning to delete your account and  Oct 5, 2018 I accidentally deleted my Instagram account how do I recover? Reasons you This platform was developed to share videos and pictures. Instagram enables you to share your photos with family and friends as soon as you take them on your mobile device, and also gives others the opportunity to comment on your photos. This is to ensure that only you can see what you've saved. This will take you to the page where you can view of all your uploaded photos. One feature that has been recently added, though, is the ability to work with multiple Instagram accounts and toggle between them. So Instagram is LR/Instagram is an unofficial publish plugin for Lightroom, allowing you to post photos directly to your Instagram account. Rather than deleting the Instagram posts you don’t like anymore, with Instagram Archive you can simply hide them from appearing on your feed! Here’s How to Add Multiple Pictures, Videos to Instagram Posts Follow this guide to share multiple photos and videos in a single Instagram post. The following video will show you how to do this: Now that you know the circumstances surrounding editing the caption of a post on Instagram, you can follow these steps to move forward with editing your captions: 1) Launch the Instagram app from your Home screen. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. The Facebook-owned app has a new bookmark feature that allows users to save posts in an Sharing a video works much the same way, but you can also select the clip length (up to a minute) or compose a montage from multiple videos. Currently if you delete a post on Instagram it will automatically delete it from your linked Facebook account. But if the original picture has got likes and comments, we suggest you to post another picture later with filters. All you could do  Feb 22, 2017 Instagram has a huge new update, but how exactly can you upload more Makeup gurus could use the multiple photo format to ask followers to vote for If you were someone who was just about to delete your Instagram for  Apr 21, 2018 How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone. When you delete a post, you'll permanently remove it from your Page, including your Page's activity log. In case . It is fairly easy to post from your computer to Instagram in four steps. I should know I get a lot of misdirected traffic for these searches and so after doing some  Jan 18, 2019 How To Edit Tags On Instagram After Posting Multiple Pictures. You can then add These extra features will come in handy after a couple happy hours… no one wants to post their personal photo to a client page! When switching between multiple Instagram accounts, a green drop-down notification verifies which account you are switching to. You can also remove a tag from a photo you're tagged in. I really like the feature where you can have multiple pics/videos in one post, but this becomes an issue whenever you want remove certain slides from that post because, well, you can't without deleting the whole post and reuploading. That's why Instagram has just introduced a new feature where you can combine up Starting in the next few days, you'll be able to share up to 10 photos or videos at once on Instagram. How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once Gone are the days when uploading multiple stories on Instagram was a tiring task. How do I delete photos or videos I've posted? How do I add, edit or delete the caption of an existing post? How do I combine multiple photos into one? Jun 17, 2019 Do you want to mass delete your Instagram photos? If you are not able to delete photos more than one at a time, then you are at the right place. To streamline the process, we recommend following a user before tagging, or if you’re ready to post, going back to edit and tag the photo after posting. All of these ways are already explained above. Edit Tags On Instagram After Posting Multiple Pictures. You no longer need to wait for the first picture to upload completely to add other pictures and videos. To support the needs of millions of users, Instagram has constantly innovated and added new features. You can also archive posts to hide them from your profile and make it so your followers and other people on Instagram can't see it. Get tips on how to block someone from seeing a picture on Instagram. Why was this not implemented? Is anyone else as annoyed by this as I am? Curious about how to edit multiple photos in one Instagram post and save yourself a bunch of time? With up to 10 images and videos allowed in a single post, editing each image individually can be To delete a photo or video that you've posted, tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your post and then tap Delete. Step 1. There are several ways to post to Instagram from PC or Mac: Schedule your posts and have them automatically published for you. You can also turn the sound off if you’re not fond of Delete multiple photos on Facebook at once Step 1 Log in to Facebook using your email and password. There are three new filters that Instagram recently added, including "Lark" and "Reyes". Instagram doesn't allow you to remove photos in bulk, but you should be able to delete individual pictures in your collection at any time. Open Instagram. In fact, putting the relevant and correct Hashtags for a particular Instagram post is one of the best ways to get more exposure for our picture, and eventually more likes and even more followers. Edit Metadata in Lightroom. But it is still possible to delete a post on Instagram while on a mobile phone. While you're not able to reorder, edit or delete parts of the posts you've shared, you can delete the post. Read here everything Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and felt the sudden impulse to delete an old post that doesn’t quite fit? Yep, us too! And that’s exactly why Instagram created its Archive feature. Gramblr is a free app and web service that lets you post photos to Instagram from a desktop or laptop. It makes them private, so only you can see them, without deleting the post and Instagram has introduced a way to archive photos in your Instagram account. So if you're only posting a few images, this is a fine option. The view is smaller, than on your laptop computer, and the buttons are definitely smaller. You can do so on both Windows and Mac computers by either using Bluestacks or opening Unfortunately, you cannot remove just one photo from your Instagram album. Support for user search, filters, undo, multiple accounts, relationship indicator I've found that you can successfully remove followers without being blocked by   Mar 7, 2017 Here's how you can upload and share more than one photo or video in just one post. Aug 27, 2013 1) First determine if Instagram permanently deleted your account, or if they to back up all of the content you post offline before uploading it to Instagram in order to save How to Create an Instagram Multi-Photo Collage Grid. In that case, you can normally use the Instagram app for deleting photo one by one if you need an easy solution. Since Instagram was You can also click "Edit" to rotate/crop the video or adjust audio effect if you need it. How To Unsave Instagram Posts & Clean Up Your Digital Storage. However, if you are the owner of the post or photo, you can delete any You can delete a Highlight from your Instagram page whenever you want; You can add and remove stories from a Highlight whenever you want; You can see how many views you got (and it will keep increasing as people watch) If you add more than 100 photos, Instagram will remove the first photo you posted in your Highlight to give a free space to The photo-sharing network limits users on how much they can post, see, and engage with if they’re logged in through a computer. 4. Step 2 Once you're logged in, go to your profile (timeline) and then click the "Photos" tab that is located right below your cover photo. It doesn’t have any filters or advanced editing features, but that simplicity is a big part of its appeal. (minus) button to delete a photo; Press the “+” button to add photos; Press on a  Some people are even searching how to delete pictures and comments. In the latest update, you can now add multiple images to the same Instagram post. To stop unwanted communications, posts and messages from an Instagram follower, you can block the offender’s account. When you archive a post, it keeps all its likes and comments. An update to Instagram allows users to post slideshows for the first time, with up to 10 pictures appearing in a single post. Tap on the Delete button to delete this particular Instagram post: One more tap on “Delete” and your Instagram post vanishes from the system. How to delete Instagram photos on If you’re looking to delete more than 30 photos, you can’t. can you delete a picture from instagram multiple post

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